The Bulgana Green Power Hub is in the Wimmera region of central-western Victoria, approximately 200km northwest of Melbourne and 11km north-east of Stawell

The aim of the Bulgana Green Power Hub is to develop an environmentally and economically sound wind and storage facility which will improve Victoria’s energy security, reduce power prices for consumers and facilitate greater uptake of renewable energy. Using proven battery technology, the facility will be one of the first and largest grid-scale batteries in the world.

The Power Hub will generate more than 750,000 MWh of clean, renewable electricity into the national power grid each year, thereby making a major contribution to Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction. This reduction will be equivalent to taking either 230,000 cars off the road or planting 1.2 million trees, producing enough electricity to power approximately 130,000 homes with renewable energy.

Neoen, the developer and operator of the Power Hub, is focused on developing solar, wind and storage projects in Victoria. The combination of Victoria’s ambitious Renewable Energy Target and a proactive government to meet those targets provides highly favourable conditions for renewable energy projects in the State. Neoen will leverage off its experience in developing multiple wind projects throughout Australia, including the 309MW Hornsdale Wind Farm which is partially operational and due for completion in 2018.

Neoen plans to begin construction of Bulgana in late 2017 and anticipates significant local employment opportunities.

Site selection

Bulgana was identified as having significant renewable power potential in 2010. The factors underlying this assessment were:

  • Availability of an abundant wind resource
  • Proximity to an existing transmission line
  • High local electricity load with potential for growth
  • Sparse local population density
  • Landholders supportive of hosting wind turbines on their property
  • Low environmental or agricultural impact


Permission to build the project was granted by the State government in April 2015.

Studies undertaken as part of the planning permit application included:

  • biodiversity
  • heritage (including Aboriginal heritage)
  • visual amenity
  • noise assessment
  • hydrology and flooding
  • soils
  • traffic and transport, and
  • bushfire risk.

Site Location and Preliminary Layout

The Bulgana Green Power Hub site comprises approximately 7500 hectares of private freehold land and will consist of up to 56 turbines.

Electrical Connection

The electricity generated from the wind farm will be transmitted via internal overhead cabling to the national electricity grid. The project will connect to an on-site Zone Substation anticipated to be located nearby Vances Crossing Road.