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The Bulgana Green Power Hub is a combined 194MW wind farm and 20MW battery storage facility that is being built by Neoen approximately 11km east of Stawell in Victoria.

When completed it will supply approximately 750,000 megawatt hours (MWh) of clean renewable electricity into the national electricity system each year.


Wind turbines are tall structures that can capture stronger winds at higher altitudes. The Bulgana turbine towers are 114m tall.


Battery storage allows us to store the wind energy and provide it to the grid whenever it’s needed.


The Bulgana Green Power Hub is located in Joel South, Victoria approximately 11km east of Stawell and 18km North of Ararat.



Providing 7 full time jobs plus ongoing opportunities for local businesses

For the climate

Producing more than
of renewable energy per year

For your community

$120,000 per year in funding for local community initiatives and projects



Bulgana Commissioning Progressing

Bulgana Commissioning Progressing

Since May, Bulgana Wind Farm has been continuing with turbine commissioning. To date, we have 35 turbines operational, with more coming online as commissioning progresses. Construction Update September 2020

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A total of 17 community groups, sporting clubs, and schools have undertaken local community-building projects with funding from the Bulgana Green Power Hub’s Community Fund grants in 2019. Each year Neoen invests funds in organisations through an open and competitive...

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Bulgana Turbines Start Turning

Bulgana Turbines Start Turning

From early June 2020 you will gradually start to see the wind turbines turning at the Bulgana Green Power Hub as an approval to commence generation has now been obtained. The construction of the wind turbines and the associated electrical infrastructure connecting the...

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It’s quite incredible that a small, rural council could, firstly, attract a project like this, but seeing it built and completed is really outstanding.

Cr Kevin Erwin
Northern Grampians Shire


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Neoen produce affordable reliable electricity from natural renewable sources such as the sun and wind.

With 12 years’ experience behind us, our technologies are tried, tested and proven. Our South Australian Big Battery has been keeping the lights on in SA since 2017, and saved consumers over $116 million in 2019 alone !

We own and operate all of the projects we build (rather than developing them to be sold) and as long-term neighbours we are committed to sharing the benefits with surrounding communities.

This dedication to community and environment has made us a renewable energy developer of choice across Australia.